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Diálogos com a arte

revista de arte, cultura e educação

The titles of the three sections in this journal – Art, Education and Culture – are broadly linked together by the concept of sustainability. The problem is that sustainability is so prone to diverse interpretations that it is easily dismissed as an elusive, undefinable concept. Yet, this elusiveness ultimately lies at the heart of every relationship, whether it is the relationship between ecological and physical wellbeing, the relationship between human and nonhuman systems or the relationship between economic and environmental concerns. What is absolutely necessary is the recognition of the mutuality of heritage, culture or indigenous knowledge and politics, social justice and responsibility for future generations. Education and the arts enter the scene as beacons of hope or models of connectivity, even when connections are fraught with tensions and disagreements. The arts play an essential role in reimagining relations and transforming perceptions.


Diálogos com a arte n.º 12 - 2022



ISSN: 2183-1726


Revista Indexada e referenciada pela base de dados internacional de publicações periódicas científicas: LATINDEX - Sistema Regional de Informação para as Revistas Científicas de América Latina, Caribe, Espanha e Portugal


Raphael Vella

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