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Notícias / News - Arquivo / Arquive - 2017/2018

DocNomads, ESE/IPVC and AoNorte ON Road 

DocNomads is an international master focused in documentary, which results of a partnership of universities from Portugal, Hungary and Belgium: Lisbon’s Lusófona University, Budapest’s University of Theater and Film Arts, and Brussels’ LUCA University. The underlining idea is for students to be able to live in different cultures and societies, giving them a bigger sensibility to execute their documentaries in different cultural and societal contexts from their own, therefore travelling from Lisbon to Brussels via Budapest is mandatory to all students. The classes are in English, and the course has a duration of two years, 120 ECTS.

Lusófona University welcomes the students in the first and forth semester. The 4th Edition (2015-2017) is currently taking place and the movies made by the students of previous editions have had very positive results. Most of them were shown in hundreds of festivals, some of great importance like the IDFA – Amsterdam, Locarno’s Festival, FID Marseille or DocLisboa, where they have won awards and honors. One of the movies won the “Goya” in 2015, the most prestigious award of cinema in Spain.

DocNomads’ study plan gathers theoretical and practical components with masterclasses from renowned professionals and miscellaneous cultural experiences, like participating in festivals and also field work in several locations in Portugal, so that the students may have direct contact with the world and the culture that surrounds them.
It’s a practical master oriented to the documentary of creation, encouraging the students to develop a strong and authorial language. The evaluation consists in several essays and three short films about a place or a character, which instigates the students to explore and find stories to tell.

In this context and in partnership with the IPCV-ESEVC, the AO NORTE – Audiovisual Production and Animation Association and the Ethnographic Association of Areosa, the 26 DocNomads students will travel to Viana do Castelo for 13 days of an intensive practical filming workshop that will result in 14 short movies of 5/10 minutes about local characters. This workshop is supervised by the film directors Margarida Cardoso and Tiago Hespanha  with a special guest, the British film director – one of the most important contemporary names of documentary cinema  –Kim Longinotto.   

This workshop will have also the collaboration of 42 participants from Viana do Castelo (students from the BA of Arts and Cultural Management[GAC] and Arts and Technology [CTeSP]) that were part of the filming teams, cooperating at all stages, from research to the final editing of the movies. From November 2nd to 11th, the classes and masterclasses will take place at the ESEVC-IPVC’ room 11. Kim Longinotto masterclasses (November 3rd, 4th and 5th) will be opened to registration according to the available seats (participants had to check schedule and registration process at

Every partner that helped creating this workshop believes in its relevancy, not only at the training aspect, but as a multicultural and ideas exchange experience. Acceptance and understanding of cultural differences and tolerance are the greatest asset in the difficult days that we are living today.
During these 13 days, citizens from Viana will see a lot of young people, from every nationality, walking around carrying their cameras and microphones, thereby training the art of film and the gift of capturing the cultural and human heritage.  

More detailed practical information about DocNomads could be consulted in the website: master is open to any graduated person in Cinema or Media. Independent filmmakers are also accepted, as long as a good portfolio and strong knowledge of English is presented and proven. During the selection process, the students should make a presentation movie where they show “their world”, physical or psychological, and also present a qualification certificate or recommendation letter. The movie will be evaluated by the people responsible for the project, namely teachers of the three universities. The second stage will be an interview via Skype, where the candidates’ social skills will be evaluated, to make sure that they are fit to be part of the experience. DocNomads is associated with a scholarship program granted by the European Commission, since this master is integrated within the Erasmus Mundus programme.


Margarida Cardoso

The Body as Social Construction / O Corpo como Construção Social

"The Body as Social construction" is part of a project conducted at the School of Education and Social Sciences – Instituto Politécnico de Leiria. Genoveva Oliveira, curator and responsible for the project SHE - Feminin Idioms - Creative Processes, Reflections and Resistance, proposed to hold an exhibition of photography, integrated in the project, at the bookstore Livraria Arquivo in Leiria, with the participation of the school students. The challenge was accepted in 2016, having been incorporated in the Curriculum Unit (CU) Multimedia Workshop, 1st year of High-Level Technician in Socio-Cultural and Sports Intervention, under the guidance of Professor Maria Kowalski. It had the collaboration of 25 students. The exhibition was inaugurated on 7 May 2016. On May 24th, was held at the Gallery Bookstore a debate around the exhibition, open to the public, and attended by the students, the curator of the project and the responsible CU teacher. The photographic result led to an increased willingness to share the images and their meanings in more locations and to a wider audience. The exhibition had a new inauguration at ESECS, on June 6, having been present at the meeting Cultural Animation as a form of Cultural - Cultural Cooperation Cooperation Networks Creative Laboratory-2CN-CLab 9th Action-2016. During this period, was offered the possibility, in a partnership between the project SHE and the School of Education of Viana do Castelo, to integrate the display at the 12th International Meeting of the Arts. Such proposal was accepted with great enthusiasm, creating a bridge of creation and artistic show between ESECS and ESEVC.

“O Corpo como Construção Social” parte de um projeto realizado na Escola Superior de Educação e Ciências Sociais – Instituto Politécnico de Leiria. Genoveva Oliveira, curadora e responsável pelo projeto SHE - Feminin Idioms - Creative Processes, reflections and resistance, propôs a realização de uma exposição de fotografia, integrada no projeto, na Livraria Arquivo em Leiria, com a participação de alunos da Escola. O desafio foi aceite em 2016, tendo sido incorporado na Unidade Curricular Oficina Multimédia, do 1º ano do Curso Técnico Superior Profissional em Intervenção Sociocultural e Desportiva, sob orientação da docente Maria Kowalski. Nele colaboraram 25 alunos. A exposição foi inaugurada no dia 7 de maio de 2016. No dia 24 do mesmo mês, foi realizado na galeria da Livraria um debate em torno da exposição, aberto ao público, e que contou com a presença dos alunos, da curadora do projeto e da docente responsável pela UC. O resultado fotográfico levou a que houvesse uma vontade acrescida de partilhar as imagens e significados em mais locais e com mais públicos. A exposição teve assim nova inauguração na ESECS, no dia 6 de junho, tendo marcado presença no Encontro Animação Sociocultural como forma de Cooperação Cultural - Cultural Cooperation Networks Creative Laboratory - 2CN-CLab 9th Action – 2016. Durante este período, surgiu a possibilidade, numa parceria entre o projeto SHE e a Escola Superior de Educação de Viana do Castelo, de integrar a exposição no 12º Encontro Internacional das Artes. Tal proposta foi aceite com muito entusiasmo, tendo sido assim criada uma ponte de criação e mostra artísticas entre a ESECS e a ESEVC. 

Maria Kowalski

Sudha Daniel Paintings

Below is a brief summary for a full illustrated article to be published in some leading newspapers across the world.

Amidst Merging Galaxies

Amidst Merging Galaxies

Sudha Daniel. from Cosmos series of 21 oil paintings.

Exotic Golden Pheasants

Exotic Golden Pheasants

Sudha Daniel. from beauty of Nature series of 30 oil paintings.

Solar Force of Life

Solar Force of Life

Sudha Daniel. Oil on canvas

My exhibition poster

My exhibition poster

Viana do Castelo, Portugal

Tempestuous Nebula

Tempestuous Nebula

Sudha Daniel, from my Cosmos video of 21 paintings

Earth – Beauty of Nature

“As an artist I revel in the astounding beauty of our Earth, an integral part of the Cosmos to which we belong.

The cyclical phenomena of birth, life, death and re-birth of stars recurring billions of times in the vast nebulas of the Cosmos is very similar to countless life cycles here on our Earth. Both manifest millions of awesome features of natural beauty, which can uplift, inspire, mesmerize and even help to heal one’s inner self.

Sadly, we are now rapidly heading towards the destruction of life on our Earth. Global warming and dangerous toxic air pollution, which spreads across territorial boundaries, has already begun to kill humans and many other species.

Let’s hope it is not too late to save our Earth, the only perfect planet in our Solar system which sustains billions of amazing life forms and intricate ecosystems.

Direct engagement with Nature can motivate one to appreciate, protect and preserve our stunning Earth. The creation and celebration of art inspired by beauty of Nature should be most welcome.”


Sudha Daniel

Indeed, art inspired directly from the beauty of Nature is vitally important for the well-being of all of us.

Mere human obsessive occupation and pursuit with the multiplying of money and consumerism is not going to help prevent the rapid global warming and widespread air pollution. All the accumulated wealth of individuals and countries in the world will quickly become meaningless if we allow our beautiful Earth to be destroyed.

Brief introduction to my background as an artist.

I am a down-to-earth, professional practising artist. After my life-changing experience of the Asian devastating tsunami in 2004, I gave up my job as a Senior Fine Lecturer at the University of Derby, United Kingdom to become a full-time artist. Occasionally, I have also been a visiting Fine Art Lecturer in UK/Europe, India and USA.

My other strengths are Photography; Music; Philosophy of Science; Philosophy of World Religions. I also have a keen research interest in Astronomy; Beauty & Neuro-aesthetics; and the Intuitive Mind, which is creative, elusive, mysterious and quite unfathomable !

What triggered off the creation of my paintings on the Cosmos was my artwork during my Artist Residency at the School of Education, Instituto Politécnico, Viana do Castelo, Portugal, 2007-2009, especially my painting, “Solar Force of Life”. It was the lead image for my exhibition there; please see images below.


I was honoured, when in 2011, a selection of my Cosmos painting images were shown as part of the  “Dialogue between Art and Science”  international conference at the School of Education, Instituto Politécnico, Viana do Castelo.


Subsequently, in 2016, my Cosmos Video of 21 paintings was projected on a large scale at the School of Sport & Leisure, Instituto Politécnico, Malgaco, Portugal as part of the celebration of their new prize winning architecture building.


Both my beauty of Cosmos and Nature paintings are holistic, which cuts across many subjects and human experience. They are very popular with a wide international and universal appeal to people of all cultures and ages in many countries, who are already celebrating this art. They are being projected digitally both indoors and outdoors at appropriate venues, including major universities.


Above (image 5) is a large image of my Cosmos painting projected on a outdoor L E D screen  at Perth, Austrália.

Big Title"Live, Night Cosmos video projection, Derby University, UK. 2015"

Ana Palma reportagem 2019 - Hora dos Portugueses Reino Unido - HQ

Ana Palma reportagem 2019 - Hora dos Portugueses Reino Unido - HQ

Artistic and Professional Journey

1996 | 2016

Joana Laranjeira was born in Portugal (Viana do Castelo), in 1975 and is graduated in Psychology. Since the age of six she had contact with dance of all kinds: classical ballet, modern dance, jazz, Hip- Hop, contemporary dance, contact and improvisation, etc. In 2001, at her home town, she was working as a psychologist with disabled people when she met what would become her passion: inclusive dance. She did a lot of training with Henrique Amoedo, director of the contemporary dance company in Madeira called Dançando  com  a  Diferença,  from  that  time  until  2012  and  during  this  period  she worked  as  a  therapist, choreographer and dancer.


Since 2004 she also danced at Dança & Cia, directed by Guido Faria, were she developed her skills in Modern Dance, Contemporary, Jazz, Classical Ballet, and made more specific training in Contact and Improvisation.

In 2013 she went to Brazil, Salvador da Bahia, to study contemporary dance after being admitted to the Professional Training Course of the Dance School of FUNCEB (Fundação Cultural do Estado da Bahia).

During the last two years and a half she has participated in several activities related to dance, including dancing to the Corpo Sísmico Cia of Dance, directed by Pakito Lázaro. In August of the current year she concluded her studies and presented a videodance which was admitted in the “Screen Dance Miami Festival” in the latest January She is a dance teacher at a dance school in Viana do Castelo: Hip-Hop classes, Modern Jazz and Afro Contemporary Dance.

She presented the video performance “Vindinós” in the XII International Conference of Arts at the Higher School of Education, last  November 28th & 29th 2016

Joana Laranjeira

Civic Engagement & Service-Learning Activities Through the Arts, Culture & Education Within Universities

XII MEETING OF THE ARTS - Civic Engagement & Service-Learning Activities Through the Arts, Culture & Education Within Universities are an opportunity for reflection on theories and practices related to artistic creation in different contexts, such as Portugal, Spain, Germany, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, England, Malta, Poland, Taiwan, Angola, Cape Verde, Brazil and the United States, bringing together communications, lectures, round tables, exhibitions, musical moments and workshops on themes that intertwine: cultural management, transnational cultural cooperation, cultural diversity, internationalization, continuing the educational approach committed to the idea that the school should and can transform the lives and where education means to contribute to the cultural, artistic and economic development of our society. Meeting Objectives are: (i) Contact professionals sectors of the arts, culture and education, in different contexts; (Ii) reflect on the Arts, Cultural Management and creative sustainability as strategic tools for new policies and practices in national and international terms; (Iii) Experiencing cultural and artistic experiences, participating in the creation process and the presentation of a final exhibition, having access to cross experiences between artistic languages; and (iv) Develop processes of reflection within the Arts, Education and Culture.

It is a dialogue between students and professionals of Arts, from diferente continents, where it discloses and sharing all that is being done annually in different contexts, leading to a strengthening of human and professional relationships, involvement in international projects systematic in Group Exhibitions, online art galleries of creation ( Projects ( Magazine online Dialogues with Art-Art magazine, culture and education,; Arts Management and Cultural Forums -FIGAC- The Meetings, publications and partnerships which result, encourage collaborative practices, promote associations, strengthen networks of interest and promote inter-territorial and cross-cultural connections. These meetings are intended as a further contribution to the enrichment of the formation of critical and interventional professionals and specifically for strengthening intra and inter-institutional, based on the deepening of knowledge, skills and attitudes related to an active and responsible citizenship action that values diversity as a source of human enrichment and as a starting point for reflection on the issue of training of professionals in various areas that are articulated through the Arts.

This academic year (2016/2017) we celebrated its 12th edition and its focus was especially on research methods, institutions and events related to arts, culture and education.                        Program

Collective exhibition | Exposição coletiva 

nov 5th – dez 10th  2016 | 5 nov - 10 dez 2016


Hernâni Reis Baptista, Mónica Lacerda, Raquel Moreira

The first time that the exhibition 'Between Hands' was presented, was in the Museum of Fine Arts Faculty, in 2013, at Porto University, as a final MA project in Museology and Curatorial Studies.

It was presented in this space a selection of some of these works, along with others more recent, created around the idea of body in its different states. The passage of time, also presented in the exhibition space, promotes a more direct relationship with the pieces, starting from a study of healing, for a reflection on change and metamorphosis - the fragility of the body, as of other natural elements.


A exposição 'Entre Mãos' foi apresentada pela primeira vez no Museu da Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto em 2013, no âmbito de um projeto final de mestrado em Estudos Museológicos e Curadoriais.

O que se apresenta neste espaço é uma seleção de alguns desses trabalhos, a par de outros mais recentes, concebidos em torno da ideia de corpo nos seus diferentes estados. 

A passagem do tempo, presente também no próprio espaço de exposição, promove uma relação mais direta com as peças, que partem de um estudo da cura, para uma reflexão sobre mudança e metamorfose - a fragilidade do corpo, como de outros elementos naturais.



Curated by / Curadoria:

Raquel Moreira

Organization / Organização:



Hours (Saturdays only):

Inauguration: November 5th - 5:30 p.m.

Open on Saturdays: from 11:00h to 13:00h a.m & 15:00h to 17:30h p.m.

Horário (apenas aos sábados):

Inauguração: 5 de Novembro: 15h-17h30

Restantes Sábados: das 11h-13h, 15h-17h30


Brazilian Superspace / Espaço Supra Brasileira

Beco dos Fornos, 1.º andar, Viana do Castelo

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